Oostwoud is known for its wonderfull fishing area and her beautifull wetlands and polders. If you like fishing pikes, Oostwoud is a perfect place to fish. Besides pikes you can fish for pike-perches , perches and carps. Fishing from the side or with a small fishing boat. It is all possible.
Fishing in the Netherlands requires a fishing permit. We can provide this fishing permit for you if you like..
If you stay in our B&B, you can easily go out for a day of fishing.. There are a lot of possibillities. Please ask.
From the 1st of July until the 1 st of March fishing is allowed for pikes.
From the 1st of July until the last weekend in April fishing is allowed for pike-perches. All other information is to be taken from the information guide that will be provided with the fishing permit.

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